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How Do You Set Boundaries?

by Dr. Jackie Black Part 4 of a 4-part series on boundaries in relationships   Let me say first, setting boundaries is not disrespectful, bad or wrong. In fact, emotionally healthy people set personal boundaries. Educate people in your life about your boundaries. Calmly and respectfully inform them about how they can and cannot behave […]

Why Are Boundaries Important?

by Dr. Jackie Black Part 3 in a 4-part series on boundaries in relationships   If your life is filled with discord and you don’t feel that others respect you, it’s time to set your boundaries. You experience your reality in four ways: Body – what you look like; Thinking – how you give meaning […]

4 Ways to Stay Connected this Holiday

adapted from Are you ready for the holidays? Gifts bought? Wrapping done? Packages in the mail? It may seem like this extraordinary year has dragged on and on, and yet in other ways it has flown by. And now the holidays are here again. This season is all about connection. So it’s natural that […]