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The 3 Mistakes Couples Make That ALWAYS Result in Mis-Communication

from CoupleGuideTM to Communicating with Confidence by Dr. Jackie Black Many conversations with our partners are emotionally charged. Be careful of these three common mistakes: The most prevalent mistake is that one or both partners comes to the conversation believing that his or her needs won’t be heard, respected, understood, validated or met. One partner […]

Caring for our Couple Relationship: Handling Stress

by Carl and Nancy Terry certified Better Marriages Leader Couple Stress is always present.  But more so now with the COVID-19 virus and less opportunity to socialize and be with family and friends.  There is also more awareness of racial and social injustice and how that has impacted our lives in the past and presently.  […]

April is Stress Awareness Month

Priscilla Hunt, Certified Relationship Coach for Couples How aware are you of the stress you’re experiencing in your life? Sometimes we can become numb to how stressed we are – it’s a self-protective mechanism and can even be a result of, well, too much stress! When we live with stress day in and day out, […]