Date Night Ideas: 10 Must-Try Ideas for Couples

Date Night Ideas: 10 Must-Try Ideas for Couples

Introduction: Prioritizing Romance in Busy Lives In our fast-paced world, making time for our partners is vital for nurturing our relationships. Regular dates are not just fun; they are a cornerstone of a healthy, joyful partnership. They offer a sanctuary for couples to connect, communicate, and create unforgettable memories. Here are some of our favorite […]

How to re-ignite the sparks of the honeymoon phase

Re-ignite the sparks We all know that feeling: the butterflies in your stomach when you first meet someone special.  We remember the overwhelming joy of spending time with them and being completely head over heels. You tell all your friends that you’ve found the one. You optimistically start to covertly plan your life together, all […]

Wisdom and Advice from a 3-year marriage

Michael and Molly got married 3 years ago. They share insights they’ve gained and lessons they’ve learned as newlyweds. They encourage other couples by sharing some of their own experiences and advice. Find more of Michael and Molly in the Close Companions Online Relationship Academy. Highlights of what Michael and Molly shared: Molly Marriage is […]