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    Close Companions helps by offering online courses and more. Whether you are married, or a new couple, we can help your relationship flourish.

    Are you a committed couple who wants to develop the best relationship possible? Relationship Coaching might be just the thing to get you there. Explore, discover, and reach the highest potential of your relationship!

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    This confidential online 75-question assessment created by Relationship Coaching Institute will provide a comprehensive review of the important areas of your relationship along with general recommendations for discussion and goal-setting with your partner.

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    Articles, Tips, and Videos
    The latest from Close Companions
    by Priscilla HuntApril 5, 2024

    Tip 1: Know That It's Not About You!* If your partner is experiencing an issue, it's their issue, they [...]

    How to Turn Arguments into Opportunities for Growth in Your Relationship
    by Priscilla HuntFebruary 28, 2024

    Arguments in a relationship can seem daunting but, when navigated wisely, they offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and understanding. [...]

    Date Night Ideas: 10 Must-Try Ideas for Couples
    by Priscilla HuntJanuary 25, 2024

    Introduction: Prioritizing Romance in Busy Lives In our fast-paced world, making time for our partners is vital for nurturing [...]

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