Priscilla Hunt, Certified Relationship Coach for Couples

Are you a committed couple who wants to develop the best relationship possible? Relationship Coaching might be just the thing to get you there. Explore, discover, and reach the highest potential of your relationship!


Meet Priscilla Hunt, Certified Relationship Coach for CouplesPriscilla Hunt

I’m on a mission to create a world filled with couples who have reached their highest relationship potential – one couple at a time.

To that end, I’ve stocked my “relationship tool kit” with 30 years of experience helping real couples, like you, face real issues. I’ve helped hundreds of couples think beyond “Happily Ever After” and develop strategies for living the relationship of their dreams. You could be next!

Through 46 years together my husband, Greg, and I have forged an extraordinary relationship using the very principles I share in my coaching. I believe in them, I’ve tried them, and they work!

Couples Coaching Focus

Functional couples in committed relationships who are on a life-long journey together, couples who want to develop relationship skills and strategies to enrich their relationship, couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Don’t want coaching with your partner? I’m happy to work with you individually one-on-one.

What I Offer

My “Couple Connect” program is a 12-session program based on best-practice relationship principles. This program empowers couples to connect, get on the same page, and develop into a strong team. Your power lies within your relationship. Together, we’ll uncover it and build on it.

“Couple Connect” is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. This program is right for you if:

  • You’re interested in life-long growth as an individual and as a couple
  • You have an okay relationship but sense that something is missing
  • You don’t feel as close to your partner as you once did
  • Conflict and tension keep popping up
  • You want to develop richer intimacy emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • You have to work harder than you once did to communicate well
  • The romantic spark is dimming and you want to reignite it
  • Stress and tension are robbing you of joy
  • You’re preoccupied and distracted, sleepwalking through your relationship
  • You know you’re not bringing your best to the relationship
  • You’d like to develop skills and strategies to develop the best relationship possible
  • And more!

Start with where you are. Decide where you want to go. Let me help you figure out how to get there! Wherever you are in your relationship, there’s infinitely more to explore, discover, and put into action.

The power to develop the relationship you want is within your reach. You’re not alone. Together we can get you where you want to be!


“Priscilla has been a leader in the relationship/marriage field for many years. She serves as a mentor coach with Relationship Coaching Institute and is an invaluable member of our leadership team. She is absolutely passionate about relationships, a talented coach, and one of the nicest, most positive, nonjudgmental, empathetic, knowledgeable and inspirational relationship coaches that you will ever meet. I am confident you will be in good hands with her as your coach!”

David Steele, Founder
Relationship Coaching Institute

Priscilla’s coaching really helped me ‘get centered’ on the life I really wanted and the steps I needed to live it.   She created a safe, nonjudgmental space for me every time I met with her and shared in my excitement when I met my goals.  Working with Priscilla was the best gift I’ve ever given myself!

Beckham, Overland Park, KS

Though Priscilla is a consummate professional, her coaching style is affirming, encouraging, challenging, and warm. Our sessions with Priscilla helped us focus and bring commitment to even vague goals. She meets you where you are and journeys with you but not for you.We highly recommend her to our friends, colleagues, and to you.

Katheryn, Prairie Village, KS

Working with Priscilla has quickly become a significant part of my weekly routine. Her genuine coaching style has helped me get to know myself better and gain clarity on what I want for myself.  She is an exceptional partner in helping me realize the life I want and creating concrete goals on how to achieve it!

Emma, Toronto Canada

How We Can Work Together
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As your partner, I’ll provide one-on-one coaching by Zoom or phone. We’ll work around your schedule to find a convenient time. Together we’ll customize the “Couple Connect” program to meet your specific needs. Let’s do this!

Maybe you have a solid relationship and you’d like to take it to the next level. Perhaps you’re experiencing deep dissatisfaction and don’t know exactly what to do about it. Maybe you’d say your relationship has lost its spark and become a bit too staid and predictable. Whatever the state of your relationship, we can work together to give it a strong boost.

Certifications and Credentials

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