Wisdom and Advice from a 3-year marriage


Wisdom and Advice from a 3-year marriage

Michael and Molly got married 3 years ago. They share insights they’ve gained and lessons they’ve learned as newlyweds. They encourage other couples by sharing some of their own experiences and advice.

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Highlights of what Michael and Molly shared:


  • Marriage is a long-game.
  • Whatever choices I make affect Michael and our relationship – for good or bad.
  • Positive habits can lay a strong foundation for years to come.
  • Michael isn’t her ultimate source of joy.
  • Hadn’t seen Michael’s sensitive side before they got married.
  • Difficult times are a part of marriage. They’re not the entire marriage.


  • Developed self-awareness about what I say and do.
  • Didn’t know about each other’s communication styles.
  • Wished he’d understood before marriage how to be a partner and also maintain his individuality.
  • It’s important to be present with and for each other.
  • Spend intentional time together.

PDF Download: The Wisdom of Experience