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The Truth about Conflict

Priscilla and Greg Hunt Conflict is inevitable. All couples have conflict. But it’s how you handle that conflict that defines the quality of your relationship. The decision to use conflict creatively to enhance your relationship and bring you closer is a conscious choice. Disagreements are a viable and healthy part of relationship. Working through a […]

Got Stress? What to do about it!

It’s a stressful time in our world, in our jobs, in our families, and between our ears. How does it affect relationships? It affects everybody differently. How does it affect you personally? How does it affect your partner? Your relationship? How does it show up? If partners can share with each other what’s helpful and […]

4 Things That Happen When You Stop Trying to Change Each Other

prepare-enrich Licking your elbow. Herding cats. Nailing jello to the wall. All things that could be considered a waste of time and effort. Let’s add changing your spouse’s personality to that list. Here’s the thing: your personality doesn’t really change. It tends to stay stable over time, which makes sense. It’s what makes you you. […]

The Promises We Make

“When we make a promise, we steal some of the uncertainty from our unknown tomorrows.” Greg Hunt, Ph.D Download worksheet for couples: The Promises We Make Enroll in the online course for $10 (limited time!)  The Promises We Make

Valentine’s Day: Reflections on Relationships

Dr. Linda Miles, LMFT Dr. Miles is an instructor in the Online Relationship Academy She created the course Mindfulness for Couples   Relationships are a maturation machine in need of regular maintenance and fine-tuning. Valentine’s Day provides an annual reminder to focus on the importance of frequent practices of love, laughter and healing for couples. […]

3 Ways to Embrace Valentine’s Day Differently this Year

Prepare-enrich There’s certainly some truth to the idea that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday that coerces us to spend oodles of money on special chocolates, lackluster flowers, heart-shaped pizza, and jewelry we’re not even sure we want. A quick internet search will tell you that Americans spend somewhere between $20-30 billion on Valentine’s Day. […]

Nothing Magical about January 1

Priscilla Hunt, Certified Relationship Coach for Couples One month into the New Year and it’s time to take stock of where you are in accomplishing your resolutions. Resolutions are simply goals – they can be set at any time. There’s nothing magical about January 1. How about setting a goal or two for your relationship […]

The Most Important Relationship Skill isn’t Communication!

  by David Steele, Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute The single most important relationship skill is not communication, it’s taking ownership. Successful relationships require taking ownership of your “experience.” WHAT IS YOUR “EXPERIENCE?” Your “experience” is what happens inside your body and your mind in response to events. It is composed of your thoughts, emotions, […]