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The Truth about Conflict

Priscilla and Greg Hunt Conflict is inevitable. All couples have conflict. But it’s how you handle that conflict that defines the quality of your relationship. The decision to use conflict creatively to enhance your relationship and bring you closer is a conscious choice. Disagreements are a viable and healthy part of relationship. Working through a […]

Got Stress? What to do about it!

It’s a stressful time in our world, in our jobs, in our families, and between our ears. How does it affect relationships? It affects everybody differently. How does it affect you personally? How does it affect your partner? Your relationship? How does it show up? If partners can share with each other what’s helpful and […]

4 Things That Happen When You Stop Trying to Change Each Other

prepare-enrich Licking your elbow. Herding cats. Nailing jello to the wall. All things that could be considered a waste of time and effort. Let’s add changing your spouse’s personality to that list. Here’s the thing: your personality doesn’t really change. It tends to stay stable over time, which makes sense. It’s what makes you you. […]