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Got Stress? What to do about it!


It’s a stressful time in our world, in our jobs, in our families, and between our ears.

How does it affect relationships? It affects everybody differently. How does it affect you personally? How does it affect your partner? Your relationship? How does it show up? If partners can share with each other what’s helpful and what’s not helpful, it can make a big difference.

Keep in mind that there is an “us” – not just you and not just me. We can either support each other during times of stress or we can pour gasoline on the fire. We have a choice.

Here are some tips for dealing with the stress within your relationship:

1. give each other the benefit of the doubt

2. nurture an attitude of caring

3. ask for what you need and want

4. deal with nicks and dings (relational pinches) as they arise

5. remember that thoughts, opinions, and perceptions are not fact – it’s easy to misinterpret what we’re seeing and hearing

6. appreciation plays a big role in helping us stay connected. When we’re connected (the “we”), life becomes a safer place.

7. adventure, playfulness, and celebration can brighten the spirit and lighten the load

8. discover what makes your partner feel loved – then do it!

9. be honest and realistic about where your relationship is now, decide where you want it to be, then take one step toward it

10. celebrate all signs of personal and relational growth – look for the positive and celebrate it

11. develop teamwork to face life’s challenges together.


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