The Truth: It Only Takes One And, You are The One


The Truth: It Only Takes One And, You are The One

 by Joanna Shakti


You cannot wait for your partner to change.  It will never happen.  You cannot think, WE need to fix this.  That won’t likely happen either.  The more that you demand, expect, need your partner to change – even if you fear your relationship might be ending – the more they will stay the same.  As a matter of fact, what you fear appears, so if you fear the end of your love, you are actually walking the path toward that fear… toward that breakup, toward that divorce.

It only takes one to be intimate and it only takes one to transform a relationship.

The truth is, if you change, the relationship MUST change.  It can’t happen any other way.

The problem is, most individuals, men and women, aren’t willing to take a stand for love…within themselves.  True, it does take two to tango and your partner is responsible for the challenges, fading love and lack of intimacy in your relationship.  But more importantly, so are you.