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25 Tips for Keeping it Fun


by Greg and Priscilla Hunt, Certified Specialists in Marriage Enrichment

    1. When you and your partner re-unite after a day apart, greet each other with a lingering kiss (count to 10 slowly). This not-necessarily-sexual touch will get you on the same page more quickly than a one-second peck.
    2. When dining alone or with friends, play footsy under the table. Something about that just feels naughty. . . and nice!
    3. If you don’t have a “special song”, choose one. Every time you hear it, no matter where you are, give each other a knowing look – or get up and dance!
    4. Read any good books lately? Choose one to read aloud with your partner. In bed, at the dinner table, in front of the fireplace, on the patio – this is a fun routine and if it’s a book about relationships, it provides especially wonderful opportunities for conversation!
    5. Go on a date! Make it special – dress up, wear cologne or perfume, f-l-i-r-t! Aim for a date once a week and write it on the calendar – in ink. Protect it like you would any other important appointment or meeting.
    6. Peek-a-boo! Who doesn’t love a surprise? Hide a note, a piece of your partner’s favorite candy or an inexpensive but thoughtful gift in your partner’s briefcase, backpack or purse. It will be an unexpected reminder of your love and thoughtfulness.
    7. Escape to the countryside; have an evening picnic and watch the sunset together.
    8. Cozy up and share a sundae. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp made sharing fun; why not the two of you?
    9. Send a virtual kiss to your sweetie’s inbox.
    10. Slow dance in the moonlight to your favorite love songs. No music? Hum your special song.
    11. Try something new and exciting together. Sign up for a couple’s massage class. Take tango lessons. Learn to play tennis or bowl.
    12. Make out on the sofa – make it hot and steamy, gentle or playful.
    13. Take a stroll in the park, holding hands.
    14. Pitch a tent and camp in the backyard. Make love under the stars.
    15. Go skinny-dipping.
    16. Awaken your sweetheart with breakfast in bed.
    17. Shower together – it will enliven your morning routine. . .and conserve water.
    18. Fill your partner’s car with gas, take it to the car wash, and leave a love note on the steering wheel.
    19. No words allowed. Express your love for your partner in creative non-verbal ways.
    20. Turn off your smart phone and snuggle while you watch a movie. Doesn’t have to be a chick flick – even an action movie can bring you closer when you choose to experience it together.
    21. Gently hold each other’s face in your hands. Rub noses. Give butterfly kisses.
    22. Love is a decision, not an emotion. What will you decide to do today to move toward your partner? Help with chores? Let your love watch the football game? Open the car door? Just do it!
    23. Select special photos of your relationship. Put them together in a photo book or scrapbook as a gift to your partner. Or, do it together!
    24. How many Valentine’s Days or Anniversaries together can you remember? Find photos to jog your memory.
    25. What does your partner consider to be romantic? Ask – then act.


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