Tips for Quarantining Together: Date Night


Tips for Quarantining Together: Date Night

We know that date night is important. An hour a week together – just the two of us – can keep us connected, get us out of a rut, and continue to spark the romantic flame.

But what happens when we’re quarantined together? Must we give up date night? Movie theaters and restaurants are closed. Live performances have gone silent. Can’t hire a babysitter. . . and besides, we’re already together 24/7.

But date night is still important. You can carve out some special time to connect in a deeper and more intentional way in your “quarantine cave”.

What makes date night special to you and sets it apart from every other outing?

  • Maybe you like to dress up – do it now (when’s the last time you actually put on makeup, styled your hair, or exchanged your slippers for real shoes?).
  • Enjoy dining al fresco? Do it in your back yard, patio, or deck.
  • Enjoy cocktails? Master some classics or experiment with new mixology.
  • Enjoy cooking? Throw in a new recipe from Intimate Entrees: A Cooking Playbook for Couples. And add a little mood music from your playlist, CD collection, or streaming music.
  • Like games? Break out the board games, playing cards, or puzzles and make a night of it. Fun and laughter are great medicine for these stressful times.

You don’t have to give up date night. You just need to be more creative than usual!