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What are we going to DO?


We’re facing the coronavirus. We’re spending more time behind closed doors. We’re spending more time together. We don’t have the distractions of friends, work, and school. So, what are we going to DO? Here are a 20 ideas.

  1. Play a board game
  2. Go for a walk – fill your lungs with fresh air
  3. Binge on a television series
  4. Go to sleep earlier than usual
  5. Join each other in the kitchen and try a new recipe
  6. Organize closets
  7. Read a book together
  8. Take the Pepsi challenge (or blind tasting of wine, beer, etc.)
  9. Practice yoga
  10. Play Guitar Hero
  11. Talk about important things
  12. Call your grandparents
  13. Catch up with your thank-you notes
  14. Take an online course
  15. Exercise
  16. Enjoy creating and enjoying High Tea
  17. Cook breakfast for dinner
  18. Kick start a new hobby
  19. Start a “Grandparent Remembers” journal
  20. R-e-l-a-x and be fully present

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