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Valentine’s Day is Your Green Light to Make Each Other Special


by Dr. Jackie Black
Faculty member, Online Relationship Academy

It’s Valentine’s again!  Have you ever stopped to consider where the most romantic places on Earth are? They are inside you!

They are in your imagination; and your heart; and your body; and your spirit!  Now is the time for you and your Sweetheart to put your heads together and build a list of all the romantic activities you can engage in – and never leave your house. That’s right!  Romance is not out there, anywhere.

Love and romance reside inside us. Couples are so busy d-o-i-n-g and multi-tasking out in the world that you are forgetting how to b-e with each other; enjoy each other; be tickled by each other; and connect deeply.

The time is now to be intentional and deliberate about connecting and having fun together.  Food (cooking together, a picnic in bed or on the back porch or patio), music, books, movies, a cozy fire, or a foot massage are just a few of the ways you can spend quality time together, connect with each other and have fun!  Use your imagination.

If you think back to the best times in your life, those times will more than likely be (1) related to being engaged in an enjoyable activity; and (2) with people whose company you were enjoying immensely.

Create that for yourselves together, right now. Don’t wait. We never know what tomorrow brings.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Give yourself the Gift of each other; and enjoy!

Only YOU can make it happen.

Dr. Jackie

Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
Relationship Expert, Marriage Educator, Board-Certified Coach
760-346-9795 (Direct ET US)

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