Tips for Quarantining Together: Cut Each other Some Slack


Tips for Quarantining Together: Cut Each other Some Slack

These are highly stressful, unsettling, anxiety-producing times. Under these conditions, it can be more difficult to present the best versions of ourselves. So help each other through it by cutting each other some slack – even more than usual.

Tension and conflict are normal reactions to this abnormal situation. It’s important that we muster a deep sense of humility, understanding, and forgiveness.

Acknowledge that you’re both stressed and that neither of you are at your best. Assert what you need and want from your partner. Honestly communicate behaviors that are helpful and supportive as well as those that aren’t.

What, you might ask, if my partner is simply being a jerk? Well. . . cutting each other some slack, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, isn’t the same as giving each other a free pass for bad behavior. Gently identify the hurtful behavior without escalating the incident or shaming your partner.

Expect that one or both of you might be short-tempered or impatient as a result of stress. Everything doesn’t have to be blown out of proportion. What you both probably need more than anything right now is steady companionship and some tender loving care