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The Only Two Things You Should Be Doing in Bed!


By The Intimate Couple

Intimacy and sleep experts alike agree on
this advice: your bed should be reserved for two things, and they both start with an ‘s’, sleep and sex.

Sleep affects your sex, and vice versa!

Not only should the bed be reserved for these two activities, but the quality of each positively affects the quality of the other!

Researchers from the University of Michigan (article here) tracked 171 young women’s sleep and sex patterns for over two weeks. They
concluded that each additional hour of sleep increases the next day’s possibility of sex by 14%! Take home (or take to bed, that is!): more sleep, more sex — and better sex, in fact. The women in the study reported higher physical arousal after a longer period of sleep.

To set yourself up for sleep and sex success, follow these guidelines:
• create a welcoming, clean and clutter-free atmosphere
• keep the temperature cool, and the room dark
• stick to a consistent sleep and wake schedule, even on weekends; this will help regulate your body’s natural clock
• exercise daily, if possible
• avoid being on devices (laptops and phones!) at least 30 min before bedtime
• keep work out of the bedroom
• keep the tv out of the bedroom too!

Improving your sleep is an important way that you give your best self to your marriage and, especially, to your sexual relationship!


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