Wake Up! Its Almost Valentine’s Day, Again!  


Wake Up! Its Almost Valentine’s Day, Again!  

by Dr. Jackie Black
Faculty member, Online Relationship Academy

It’s Valentine’s Day again!  Let Valentine’s Day this year be the bell of awareness ringing in your ear, reminding you to carve out the time to connect with the one who stole your heart.  Retailers and Madison Avenue would like us to all rush out and buy chocolate, flowers, mushy cards and teddy bears. But consider this instead:

If he takes Fido out for his 10:00 pm walk every night, why not offer to do it for him the next four or five nights. Or, if pulling the trash cans out to the street is his job, take the trash cans out for the next couple of weeks and give him a break.

Or, tell her that you are going to grab the kids and take them away on Saturday morning so she can have the house all to herself for several hours and then all meet up for lunch somewhere at noon.

You get the picture. Really focus in on the one you love and come up with the 4 most loving behaviors you can think of and make a gift of your time and energy.

Don’t miss the sweetness and the joy you will both experience by reaching out and connecting with each other from the center of your being and the bottom of your heart.

That’s the real meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Make this Valentine’s Day the most personal V-Day yet!

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!

Dr. Jackie

Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC
Relationship Expert, Marriage Educator, Board-Certified Coach


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