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Commitment in Our Relationship


What does it mean to be committed to your partner and to your relationship? We might have said the words “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”. . . but what do those words really mean? And how do they translate into our day-to-day relationship?

This exercise below should provide opportunity for an open and honest dialogue with each other.

Step 1. Below are listed potential areas of commitment in your relationship. Place an “S” by ones you see as strengths and a “G” by ones you see as areas that need growth or improvement. Feel free to add your own. Remember, you are assessing your relationship, not your partner. If your partner’s answers differ from your own, see it as an opportunity for sharing and understanding each other’s point of view better.

Step 2. Share your answers with your partner and discuss any areas you’d like to celebrate and any areas you’d like to set goals for growth. Follow up with setting relationship goals in Step 3 and Step 4 below.

___  Staying together

___  Growing together

___  Forgiving each other

___  Respecting each other

___  Having fun together

___  Expressing physical intimacy

___  Honoring our differences

___  Asking for what we need

___  Being fully present

___  Managing our emotions

___  Fighting fair

___  Choosing each other 1st

___  Showing our love every day

___  Giving each other the benefit of the doubt

___  Balancing together and apart time (giving each other space)

___  Accepting each other as we are

___  Sharing our truth (honesty)

___  Accepting responsibility for our own actions

___  Practicing good communication skills

___  Being responsible with shared finances

___  Choosing not to push each other’s buttons

___  Saying “yes” more often than saying “no”

Step 3. List 3-4 things you are personally willing to do during the next months to grow your relationship. Share your answers with your partner.

Step 4. Together, agree on 3-4 goals for growing your relationship during the next month. Write them below. Sign and date to demonstrate your commitment to reaching these goals.

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