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5 Movies To Watch Together



Movies are great, everyone loves them and they often help us relax when we need it the most. They are even better when your bae is at home with you. Many couples struggle to find a movie to watch together, it is sometimes really hard to pick a movie you will both like and for that reason, I made a list of movies you simply need to watch together. Movies for couples do not always have to be romantic and corny; they can be adventurous, funny and teach you a few things too.

Couples movies are a fun choice, why? Because you are both going to be discussing the situations, characters and have a good laugh together. Whether you like horrors, romance, action or thriller, it does not matter; some of these best movies for couples will probably give you a good time to remember. It often happens couples find themselves giggling and remembering a funny scene from a movie, it is adorable and you should do so too.

  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service

If you like spies, a good laugh and a catchy story – Kingsman: The Secret Service might be a perfect choice for you and your other half. This movie is about a gentlemen secret spy society that is meant to save the world from a villain. While this movie is a comedy, it is also an amazing story with great actors. Willing to see how real gentlemen do on their spying jobs? Check out this movie featuring Colin Firth and Mark Strong.

  1. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

If you haven’t seen The Lord of The Rings together, you should probably give it a try. This is a series of three insanely famous movies. Here are the name of those three movies: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King. If you love a good amount of fantasy, drama, and adventure, you will enjoy The Lord of the Rings a lot. This is a movie many couples decide to watch together, and it is always a good time guaranteed.

  1. La la land

Looking for a musician who will not get you bored? La la land is exactly that, it is a movie about an actress and a pianist falling in love together while attempting to reconcile the aspirations for their future. This is a nostalgic, joyful and colorful movie that will surely keep you both entertained at all times. Many people claim Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling managed to turn La la land into a masterpiece, what do you think?

  1. What We Do In Shadows

Who would not love to see a movie about a few old vampires sharing an apartment together? All of these vampires are a different personality and because of that, you will be facing many hilarious scenes. This is not a horror to make it clear, it is a great comedy originating from New Zealand, the crew is awesome, funny and truly something you have never seen before. You might not be a fan of vampires or horrors, but this movie is a lot different from what you have seen so far, it shows vampires in a different light than we are used to seeing.

  1. The Notebook

Looking for a lengthy movie to watch with your other half? The Notebook is romance, a drama that speaks of a young man who falls in love with a young rich woman, he gives her a sense of freedom and their love is pure, sadly they get separated due to their social differences. The Notebook is one of those movies you will get drawn into; it might even get you to tear a little bit. Couples often feel involved in the situations this movie shows and this is why you should give it a shot.


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