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20 Ideas for Saying “I Love You”



  1. Make a list of the 10 things you love most about your significant other and text it to him — one item at a time throughout the day — countdown style.
  2. Buy your wife some bubble bath and draw a bath for her just as she is getting ready to cook dinner. Then, take over the dinner prep while she soaks.
  3. Have his car detailed, and leave him a love note on the dashboard.
  4. Download the song that you danced to at your wedding, and dance to it together.
  5. Have the florist replicate your wife’s wedding bouquet, and deliver it to her on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Make her a coupon book of pampering favors, such as back rubs or foot rubs.
  7. Rent her favorite rom-com, and watch it together while eating chocolates and drinking her favorite wine.
  8. Rent his favorite action movie, and watch it while enjoying a manly combo of his favorite meat appetizers and beer.
  9. Watch the movie that you saw together on your first movie date.
  10. Hide love notes in surprise places, such as in his briefcase, his car or next to his shoes.
  11. Have a copy of your wedding vows framed.
  12. Plan a surprise date — have your partner set aside time, but don’t tell her where you are going for dinner or entertainment.
  13. Sign both of you up for a class that your partner would enjoy, such as a cooking or yoga class.
  14. Go through his desk calendar and insert little love notes that he will appreciate finding all year long.
  15. Surprise your partner by doing a chore that is on her to-do list.
  16. Skip your chores to go for a walk together — and hold hands.
  17. Light a fire, open a bottle of wine and look through your wedding photo album together. If you have a wedding video – even better. Turn the lights low, light some candles and reminisce.
  18. Write down popular book and movie quotes that are about love and leave them scattered about the house for your partner to find.
  19. Send your wife a dozen roses, and include a note with a dozen reasons why you love her.
  20. Surprise your partner with something from his “bucket list” such as a skydiving lesson.

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