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10 Lessons from Staying Home


by Priscilla Hunt

Amid stay-at-home guidelines, I’ve had lots of time to ponder. Here are 10 things for which I’ve gained a deeper appreciation.

  1. Not only is life a gift, but waking up each morning – especially with someone I love – is a gift.
  2. Even for this introvert, community is important – I need to belong.
  3. I’m glad to experience all this beside my best friend (tip: if your partner’s not your best friend but you want him or her to be, what a great time to make that happen!)
  4. Sitting quietly reading a book is not a waste of time – not every second of every day has to be productive!
  5. Things that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t taken time for, like Yoga and meditation, can be incorporated into my “new” lifestyle. I think I’ll keep them!
  6. I can’t control my environment – what happens around me – so I might as well take a breath and relax (ok, maybe a few breaths!)
  7. It takes effort to slow my motor – I generally have a pretty fast idle. It’s worth the effort to slow down and to develop mindfulness around my surroundings. I’m less likely to misplace my keys or my phone or my pen or my glass of water or my. . .
  8. You know the vows that say “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”? Those vows – that commitment – is holding fast when it counts the most. I don’t have to fear that either of us will throw in the towel when the going gets rough – because this is pretty rough and we’re still here.
  9. Setting and achieving short-term goals is a better use of time than worrying and feeling anxious.
  10. This, too, shall pass. When I look at this moment in time in the rear view mirror, I will have become a stronger, kinder, more resilient person.

How about you? This time is too important not to count for something positive. It’s a unique opportunity. What will you learn from it? Lessons don’t automatically appear. Make them happen!

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