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Date Night in the Time of Coronavirus


Date Night in the Time of Coronavirus

Social distancing does not, and must not, mean avoiding each other emotionally. During these uncertain times, we need each other’s love, encouragement, and support more than ever. It’s important, too, not to neglect the importance of play and fun – especially during stressful times.

We often talk about how important date night is for keeping a relationship strong, thriving, and fresh. But restaurants and theaters are closed, malls and stores look like a war zone. So how on earth are we going to have date night? Now is the time to be creative!

Here are ten ideas:

  1. Find a recipe you’ve never tried and prepare it together. Greg loves pizza so we practiced making home-made pizza dough with the goal of finding the perfect crust. We ate a lot of pizza…There are some great recipes in Intimate Entrees: A Cooking Playbook for Couples.
  1. Do you have a special song that’s your song? If so, play it and dance together. If not, hit the internet and find one – then dance to it. Greg and I danced in the kitchen a lot while the pizza dough rose.
  2. We love picnics but we don’t have much opportunity in winter. So we pack a picnic basket, spread a quilt in the living room, and share a picnic together.
  3. When Greg and I returned from our first trip to England, we vowed to stop each and every afternoon and experience the Ritual of Tea. Though it didn’t become a part of our daily routine, we still from time to time pull out all the stops and re-create the magic. Try preparing High Tea complete with linens, china, finger sandwiches, scones or petit fours, and tea from a pretty teapot.
  4. Growing up I had a “picture drawer” where all the family photos resided in a jumble. Now I have pictures arranged loosely chronologically in shoe boxes. Wherever your photos are, pull them out and either organize them, create a photo album, or select some to have framed. Already organized? Good for you! Enjoy looking through them (and congratulate yourselves on your organization skills). It’s especially fun to scan photos and create photo books online. Snapfish.com and shutterfly.com are 2 of our favorites. We like to create them around specific topics or themes: a recent vacation, our granddaughter’s first sleepover, etc.
  5. Plan a dinner date for two. Make the table beautiful, including lots of candlelight. Dim the lights, play soft music and enjoy a romantic evening at home.
  6. We all love bubbles. I usually reserve our bubble wands for when the grandchildren visit, but blowing bubbles together can definitely lighten the mood. It’s even more fun to make your own bubble solution.
  7. We’ve all seen couple coupon books that include things like “One free back rub” or “A movie of your choice”. Well, how fun is it to create your own? Double the fun by brainstorming together ideas of what each of you would like. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your partner’s “love language” – how they want you to express love to them. Then pull out index cards, markers, stickers, etc. and decorate your coupons to exchange with each other.
  8. Greg and I enjoy reading books together. We’re currently reading Marriage for the Everyday: 365 Conversation Starters Designed to Deepen Couple Relationships by Drs. Bobbye and Britton Wood. We stop often and talk about the ideas and suggestions in the book. Make it extra special by sipping your favorite beverage in front of the fireplace or on the patio.
  9. Greg’s currently out of town. We’re using the opportunity to each complete the same lesson in Managing Stress Together in the Online Relationship Academy. After we complete the lesson we FaceTime and have a meaningful couple dialogue.